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Feb 13, 2013 6:00am PST
see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> florida senator marco rubio delivered the republican response to the president's state of the union address. >> so mr. president i don't oppose your plans because i want to protect the rich, i oppose your plans because i want to protect your neighbors. hard working middle class americans who don't need us to come up with a plan to grow the government. they need to plan to grow the middle class. >> now rubio also delivered his response in spanish. he is considered a rising star in the republican party and often mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2016. >> false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choices -- >> you see that? that part of senator rubio's response where he reaches over and takes a sip of water that is a hot topic on twitter. people are talking about that seemingly awkward move he had to make just to reach that water bottle and that he seemed a little nervous. ryan yes is taking -- rubio is taking it all in strides. he has a tweet of his own. it's a photo of that e
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am PST
marco rubio will give a response immediately after the president's speech. he will deliver it in english and spanish and that is seen by republicans to attract latino voters. >>> he will be seated near the first lady and the first lady has also invited military families and victims of gun violence. you can watch the address right here starting at 6:00. then at 7:30 we will break down the president's speech and gop response. >>> let's get everybody going, sal, how is the east shore going? >> right now traffic is busier in vallejo and also in richmond on the way to el cerrito. you can see it is on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks like those metering lights are going on. once you make it on to the bridge it does look okay. there are no major problems if you drive across the san mateo or the dumbarton. highway 4 is still looking good as you drive between 680 -- 680 and 80. >>> it will get chewed up and there is a slight on shore component and there is still an easterly breeze in place. yesterday 63 and with the addition of low clouds and fog today we will push for 50. we wil
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2